The Mageroyal Society
A society for healers and scholars to encourage self-development and build community. (Player created guild blog for World of Warcraft, WrA)

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Old wooden drawers with labels of various edible and medicinal herbs
By caraslifka

Available to license exclusively at Stocksy


Thomas Edison in lab, 1906


(via 19th Century Apothecary Jars - Curio Visual Research)


WHEN: Friday, March 28th, at 7 pm ST

WHERE: Razorfen Kraul, Southern Barrens

This week’s Book Club will be investigating the quillboard stronghold of Razorfen Kraul.  The indigenous populations of the Thousand Needles region were decimated when the Cataclysm hit. The goal of this expedition is to document the state of the quillboar civilization housed within the labyrinth of thorns. Please meet at the entrance.

(Event should take approximately two hours to complete. Be prepared to “find” and discuss books, scrolls, artifacts, etc. along the way, and contribute to our library.)

This Book Club ties into our Monthly Project in the Thousand Needles!

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Scientific Glassware 
Photography by Karen Chappell

March 2014


"Erwin, what are you doing with the cat??"


"Erwin, what are you doing with the cat??"